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Athens Culinary Guide

Walking into ADD Drug is like stepping back in time. Part pharmacy, part retail store, but at the heart of it, the lunch counter truly serves as the meeting place for the community—this is what defines this institution.

Athens Culinary Guide

Athens Eats: Athens’ Milkshakes

We got this baby for $2.95 – definitely the best price on a quality milkshake filled with as much love as it had ice cream. Walking in to ADD Drug you are greeted by the nicest women willing to whip you up anything you dream of and will chat with you all day if you’d like. This took the cake as the best shake in town: 10/10 would recommend.

My Athens Is. . .

Eat Up!: Burger Joints

Some of the burger places in Athens have been around for quite a few years. Add Drug doubles as a pharmacy and has a lunch counter like many pharmacies used to have. Add Drug has been serving Athens since 1961. Athens is a destination town for many people who went to school here, so there is always a market for nostalgic atmospheres that conjure up memories for former college students.

The Red&Black

Soda Fountain Nostalgia

Midway down was Julian Dorio, the drummer of the Athens-born band the Whigs, now based in Nashville. He was back in town for a show at the Georgia Theatre and was chatting amiably with the stranger next to him, pointing out proudly that an autographed copy of his band’s “Enjoy the Company” album (with a hot dog on the cover) was up on the wall “There’s no better place to enjoy lunch than ADD Drug, it’s my absolute favorite,” Dorio told me as he was leaving. “The onion rings are among the three best I’ve ever had anywhere. The perfect crunch!” After flirting with the slaw dog, I went for the cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, while Livvy opted for the grilled cheese. Everyone, of course, ordered those hot, crisp french fries,

Mr. Bill King